What to Expect

I view the counseling process as steps in a client’s personal journey.  I believe that everyone has the ability to identify and confront obstacles, to learn new skills, and to initiate and maintain changes in their lives.  My personal style of counseling reflects this in that I am respectful of the client’s values, beliefs, strengths, personal influences and experiences.  I am as thoughtful, empathetic and straight forward as I can be in the moment.

When I meet with a client, I draw from a varied background of counseling theories and therapeutic techniques.  I primarily use humanistic, cognitive behavioral, systems, developmental and Gestalt theories and techniques.  What this means is that I pay attention to what a person says and how she/he says it:  I listen to the story and for the emotional message in it.  I am aware of the client’s body language.  I look at a client as not a standing-alone-in-the-world person, but someone who has been influenced by experiences, family, cultural background, ethnicity, education, spiritual/religious beliefs and economical circumstances.  Most of all, I treat my clients as strong, capable individuals who have hit a rough spot, and who are the keys to their own success.

As a client, you can expect me to sit quietly and listen, to ask questions, to challenge you, to suggest things for you to try and to occasionally confront you on discrepancies I may be hearing and/or observing.  Sometimes I may seek clarification on items you have discussed.  I enjoy a good laugh and oftentimes use humor during therapy.  Overall, I will be present as someone who understands your desire to seek help and relief from the problems confronting you, and who will do my best to assist you in finding solutions.